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Our School Staff


We have a very committed staff who work hard together to share skills and expertise. Therefore, although we operate a class teacher system, the children benefit from all the teachers’ strengths and abilities:

  • Headteacher: Gill White
  • Deputy Headteacher: Jonathan Humble
  • Teachers: Kimberley Allder, Laura Morris, Catherine Smethurst, Alda Walton Kyle Beaty
  • Special Needs Coordinator: Gill White
  • Teaching Assistants: Kate Burrow,Pat Mitchel Amanda Shaw, Shirley Hird, Susan Young.
  • After School Club Leader: Jenny Harrison (On Maternity leave)
  • After School Club Assistant: Gillian Morris, Shirley Hird,Emily Mawson,Sarah Gibson
  • Peripatetic Music Teachers: Robert Duesbury (Guitars),  Debbie Howrie (Strings)

The school is also very well served by equally dedicated non-teaching support staff, who fill very important roles in the life and work of the school:

  • School Secretary: Jenny Harrison (On maternity leave}
  • Temporary Secretary: Julia Taylor,Lynn Holmes,Amanda Shaw
  • Cleaner in Charge: Asia Kowalska
  • Assistant Cleaner: Linda Ireland
  • Midday Supervisors: Denise Brookes, Helen Todd, Barbara Wilson, Nicky Harrison
  • EYFS Midday Supervisors: Gillian Morris,Amanda Shaw
  • I.T. Technician: Steve Pratt

Other support services are used by the school when applicable. These include the Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist, School Librarian, Education Welfare Officer, School Medical Service, and the Community Police Officer. All staff take a very professional approach to the education of your child and would wish to work closely in partnership with you.